Why Beco Butterfly 2 Baby Carrier Best?

The Butterfly Lane 2 is the improved model of Beco Butterfly carrier. It is one of the brands of baby carriers that exceeds the popularity of baby strollers. Have safety and comfort features that adapt to the demanding lifestyle of parents and baby's delicate needs.

Butterfly 2 was released in 2005, a maximum time for the baby carrier products. The marketing of baby products is directed to the question of "why a baby carrier instead of baby carriage." Due to the wide selection of baby carriers, the question changed to "why a Beco Butterfly 2 instead of any other baby carrier?"

Here's one point for a description of why a point Beco Butterfly 2 is the best baby carrier on the market today:

First of all, is made from 100% organic cotton fabric. The material is the main basis for judging whether a product is of good quality, and with this high quality fabric, Beco Butterfly 2 ensures a higher quality. Organic cotton is a natural fabric free of toxins, therefore, is likely to irritate delicate baby skin. Unlike synthetic fabrics, organic cotton promotes air circulation, helping to absorb the moisture that can lead to rashes.

Secondly, it is flexible and versatile. Beco Butterfly two can use either the front or back luggage wear. It can also accommodate infants up to small body size frames and load adjusters can accommodate babies weighing 7 pounds to 45 pounds maximum. Younger infants and younger are also confident with the rest and removable insert that can be removed when the baby gets bigger and bigger.

Third, is safe and comfortable to use. It has an adjustable belt that can be changed from 28 inches to 57 inches, and helps prevent lumbar joint effort. The straps are soft and padded so it does not become painful, even for prolonged use. The safety buckles also ensure that the baby of any risk of falling.

Fourth, it is worth every penny. At a price of about $ 149, the Beco Butterfly 2 is a good investment because its flexibility can serve children, including child stages. It also occurs in the United States. The production quality is top priority.

Finally, the throttle valve 2 is printed in style. There are about 4 designs to choose from, some of which are limited edition and available in the market for a very short period of time. For example, the design of Eden manufactured only 150 articles, which always is a special edition of the collection spring / summer 2011, which is released by only 3 months, the design melody has only 299 units produced for the costumes January special. Other designs are Niko, Moon, and the Duke.

These five examples are just some of the main reasons why you should opt to use a Beco Butterfly 2. Selecting this baby carrier will provide a superior experience for parents and their precious little angel.