Step Five baby massage to relieve constipation and colic

Massage is an ancient method of relaxation and stimulation. Massaging your baby can have many benefits to be derived from all the wonders of reality. It can help with many problems, both physical and emotional.

A massage can help build the relationship between nonverbal also relieve constipation. It can also help make it more calm and relaxed, so if you're struggling with constipation can be calmed down a bit.

Studies have also shown that massage helps promote the development of your baby. Provides significant stimulation of the skin, improves circulation, development of the nervous system, helps to stimulate your brain with new experiences and also to understand the movement and social behavior.

In addition to relieving constipation and wind, massage helps to relieve chest congestion, soothe a baby, and also to relax! By massaging the skin releases the hormones oxytocin and prolactin. These hormones can help reduce the amount of stress hormones inside you and help combat stress.

So, now that you have read about the positives, let's get started! We will adapt the massage to babies constipation, but I'll put a few techniques that help relax baby.

Step one

Lie infant face down on the floor or comfortable surface on a blanket or mat. Make sure the room you are massaging in is warm enough for the little man. The reason why we want is naked baby I hope this will rub a bowel movement. Baby may feel more relaxed and comfortable to go if you are wearing a diaper. In this case, make sure you place a sheet change or disposable paper towels underneath it in case it poops! Use a massage oil for babies, you can buy aromatherapy oils online baby like this, "Burts Bees' oil, which I highly recommend because it smells great and has added vitamins (much better than olive oil or sunflower oil , although those are good too). Then, make eye contact with your baby to become aware and non-verbal okay to ask if you massage. You can also ask aloud, "Is it right for today's massage ? to get used to this phrase and associate it with massage to come. Rub a small amount of baby oil in the middle of the palms (the size of a dime to start) and warm their hands before touching your baby. Show what you're doing what initiates the associated sounds, smells and sights with massage.

Step two

Remo: Use a firm but gentle pressure. Start on the baby's tummy, just below the rib cage, and in his heart will be. Make sure you are in this area (very small) and not in the chest or chest. Use the palm of their hands and move in a rowing motion over each other to their private parts. You want to do 6-8 reps of both hands (right and left). You can count aloud to your baby gets used to hear the numbers, there is a high degree of interaction and are also talking in a relaxed tone of voice, which helps to associate massage to calm. Then set both hands on one another through her belly slowly.

Step three

Clockwise: Look son, make eye contact and make sure they are okay. Now move your hands on, in a circular motion around the belly. This should be done in a clockwise motion, and this is clockwise from the point of view, not the baby (imagine a clock in his stomach). The reason being, this is actually the sense that the large intestine moves in. If you go in the opposite direction can do more damage, because it goes against the natural sense of the body and this will not help babies of constipation. Get more out of the lengths of the fingers and toes of this technique. You can start with only his right hand a few times, after incorporating the left hand so that both hands work together making a move to roll. When both hands to make a complete circle, which is a stroke. Again, you can do it 6-8 times, but if you enjoy then feel free to go! Once you have completed this race, once again the hand rest on top of each other in baby's tummy.

Step Four

I Love You: When faced baby, on your left side (when you're looking at what will be on your right) drawn with the fingertips is an "I" down into your belly. We turn to the "L" which will begin in the baby's right side (left) of the belly, and move across and down, sideways movement L. Her left to right and down. Again, you can be firm but do not overdo it. Then do the 'U' starting left and move to the right. Although this is a U, which will actually be a setback U! So moving from bottom left, through the center and around the bottom right in a semicircular motion. You can do another 6-8 reps of this movement. You could say that 'I.. Love .. You out loud when using the shock. Hopefully this will release some gas or maybe cause a bowel movement! Rest your hands on your stomach at the end.

Step Five

Bend the Knee Slide your hands warm for the baby's legs to the ankles. Hold firmly, but do not grip too hard or put pressure on the joints. Slowly bend your knees and bend baby in her tummy with light pressure. If the baby's legs feel stiff or tight, then try this step. However, if it feels soft and are enjoying it, then give it a try. Once you have bowed the knee in the belly then hold to 6.10 seconds. While doing this to maintain eye contact and use this time to talk with your baby in a soft voice. Hopefully this can free up some trapped air. After 6-10 seconds to replace the legs down slowly, stirring gently as you go. You can then gradually start the bike leg. You need to gently touch the knees of the belly area. You can make many of these as your baby feel comfortable. When finished, again gently shake the baby's legs and end up with some long passes from the stomach to the ankles.