Cribs - What parents or caregivers and babies should not be taken into a baby's crib

Babies are precious and priceless gift that human beings can never expect and receive. The thought or knowledge of the expectation of a baby brings a lot of enthusiasm, preparation, anxiety, including but not refer to forget. The number one concern when preparing for the arrival of a new baby, or even when the baby moves from one stage of childhood to a young child, is a cradle or a safe place to sleep. After deciding on the best type or model of the crib, a crib either hardwood or metal crib, a cradle of light or dark wood color, a white wooden crib or a cradle of silver metal, the important next thought should be the safety of your baby or toddler in the crib of choice.

The temptation in any toy or object that could serve as a source of comfort, happiness, alertness, or even the comfort of a child for any parent or caregiver is very real. Family members, friends, supporters, or even strangers, in being caught in the thrill of expectation that the new beautiful baby, or when the baby progresses to a small child, they feel justified in getting toys or other objects that could give credence to the joy and excitement. However, it can not be stressed or emphasized enough that the most important fact that must always be present in the mind of an adult who lives with a baby or small child is entrusted, is security. That brings parents or caregivers to the critical point of what should and should not be in a baby's crib.

After the crib mattress has been stripped of plastic material manufacturer that was involved, absolutely nothing, except the bedding crib should fit snugly on the mattress in the first place, should be left in the crib. However, it is safe to say that the crib, especially a dark wooden cradle that contains nothing more than your mattress and bedding can harbor the fear, discomfort, or discomfort to a baby. For these reasons, or restlessness, an example of an object that could be suitable as an addition to the cradle, Lullaby is a music phone that is made to be securely mounted or bolted to the side or back of the cradle , with the return-able section of the lullaby upside down, if it is a model that is rotated. If the lullaby phone comes with toys that are manufactured in the shape of birds, teddy bears, frogs, lions, cartoon or any other animal, there must be many areas of security to consider. However, there are two.

Make sure that objects can move, are made of a soft material like cotton or sponge safely and completely covered with flannel or other soft material, and they are securely attached to the moving lullaby.
Make sure the lullaby can be mounted far enough above the reach of the baby so it is unlikely that a small child to reach and remove the cartoons, while occupying the crib that could be left without assistance from a adult. If the crib is not deep enough to allow that type of security, then the lullaby should unscrew from the crib, and put in a safe place away from baby. If away from any period of time. Duration of non-attendance could be the result of the baby finally fell asleep.
Examples of some toys or objects that represent a danger to the baby, and therefore should never be placed to the left or in the cradle, are stuffed animals, big or small. Toy cars and trucks. Toy airplanes, cartoon dolls, like Superman or Barbie, or books for babies are made of hard material and run on batteries. A toddler can drown, or even stop breathing for introducing small objects, such as the ball mouse of a computer or a palm-sized baby bear or a toy in his mouth. Similarly, large stuffed animals can cause suffocation if they end in the face of the sleeping baby. Other dangerous objects should never be placed on the left, or crib while it is occupied by a baby or small child, are the objects of the baby, such as nail polish clips. Baby toiletries, such as powder, lotion, gel or other liquid that is left open or partially closed, a baby can be applied to their eyes, ears, nose, hair or even swallow. Disposable diapers, or baby wash clothes or towels. A baby can destroy a disposable diaper and fill in the crushed pieces in his mouth, which can also serve as another choking hazard or danger. Not forgetting the baby clothes. The babies are imitators, and trying to put a piece of clothing left in a crib with a baby without participation is not beyond your imagination, and again can cause serious harm, choking and even death, just the baby trying to get the garment over his head, or accidentally wrapped around the neck.