Rated three strollers

Today, many parents are hitting the pavement pushing their children in a stroller. But there are many models out in the market, all with different features, making it very difficult to choose. However, if you are a serious runner, you should make sure you buy a real stroller. BOB, Baby Jogger and car manufacturers are all stroller with a reputation for innovation, quality and durability. Check out these three Rated strollers before making your final decision.

BOB Ironman (only $ 400, double $ 560)

The Ironman consistently receives rave reviews from parents and experts for responsive handling and performance of the road. It has an aluminum frame in light alloy with an adjustable suspension system, 16-inch wheels and can store up to £ 70Se requires little effort to push up adjustable and has plenty of storage space in the undercarriage basket and pockets the seats.

Baby Jogger Performance (single $ 500, double $ 530)
This classic stroller is ideal for a lot of miles at a fast pace on smooth surfaces. With a weight of 19.6 pounds of light, the one piece aluminum frame, 20-inch on / off road tires and rear shocks provide stability and a straight path in all types of terrain. It has a weight capacity of 100 pounds, and the wrist strap is attached to the bottom bar of the stroller, between the rear wheels, so if you fall, the chair will not tip over.

Truck CX ($ 850 single, double $ 950, CTS Jogging Kit $ 95)

It's a car in Calgary, Alberta company, known for its innovative child carriers that can be quickly and easily converted for 5 different activities (running, walking, hiking, skiing and cycling). The carrier is a cabin CX child protection built with an aluminum frame that can store up to 75 pounds. Removable polyurethane windows and windshields with side zipper give the child a vision outward, while protecting it from the elements. 20-inch wheels have light button, drum brakes and an adjustable suspension to soften the ride on bumpy terrain. The CTS Jogging Kit contains a 16-inch wheel quick release and two arms to run aluminum handlebars.

When jogging, comfort and safety of both you and your child should be the top priorities. You can not go wrong with one of three top strollers. Now, go out and run.