The Airy Poverty of the Gay Lifestyle Today

Fortunately for all Americans the 1960's, 70's and afresh 80's led aboriginal to greater animal abandon and liberation - and afresh to greater animal honesty.

The internet bang of the endure decade caked those assets to the admeasurement that there can acceptable never absolutely be a acknowledgment to the sexual

"dark ages".


Gays and Lesbians had historically lived above-mentioned to the Stonewall Riots lives of quiet agony "in the closet" adverse apparent abhorrence and repression every day of their lives.

After the STONEWALL RIOTS - our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters all-embracing marched beeline out of their closets and eventually appropriate down MAIN STREET or FIFTH AVENUE or MARKET STREET or SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD in their blithe PRIDE PARADES beyond North America and now beyond the world. Abounding gays and to a bottom admeasurement Lesbians wish to be accessible about their animal acclimatization - while this is NOT the case with a lot of bisexuals - abnormally blessed bisexuals.

Soon beyond America there were dozens of aboveboard gay bars, developed bookstores, and bathhouses in every above North American city. Gay Association Centers sprouted in a lot of every above North American city-limits - save San Francisco - area until afresh the association was so awkward they could not even accessible such a center! Gay Association Centers with time became Gay and Lesbian Centers - afresh GLBT Centers and anon to be GLBT and P - polyamory - and Q centers - Queer.

Maybe one accomplished day even the new, contemporary METROSEXUALS will accompany the animal minorities to affair and to parade!

The GAY PARADIGM - which emerged as a aftereffect of this admiration for getting OPEN - was generally confrontational to the beyond beeline association with a assertive "WE'RE QUEER and WE'RE HERE!" aspect in far too abounding areas of America. In the gay era afore AIDS the actuality of activity was that the gay association was hijacked by the THREE B'S who fabricated a killing - and aswell ultimately dead off bags if not millions of gays. They are the BARS, the BATHS, and the BOOKSTORES. Their calendar was to accomplish FILTHY LUCRE and they did so rapaciously for years and years. Gay communities in these aboriginal years - including their activists and journalists became abased on these abysmal pockets but they too were all too generally bent in the chains of the 3 B's AGENDA - even hidden calendar of SEEK BUT DO NOT FIND.

Even today the "beau ideal" of the American gay association is some twenty-something twink or hunk or aggressive blazon - portrayed afresh and afresh for decades endlessly and all but mindlessly. This admirer ideal blazon can never be snared and brought home to one's bed - save at a ample amount (escorts and models or trade) - abundant beneath to one's activity and family! Billions accept been and will abide to be fabricated on the backs and knees of these 18 to 25 year olds who are afresh casting off for next year's "model". Nothing is sadder than affair a middle-aged anhydrate boy at a gay ablution or spa or a torn down bartender at some gay bar who aboveboard laments that he was already "somebody" in the gay accent years ago.

The NOT so abstruse advantageous calendar of the POWERS THAT BE in the gay association - the 3 B's and their countless of co- conspirators was "SEEK BUT DO NOT FIND". Gay men HAD to go out as generally as accessible to the bars, the baths or the bookstores - as they ability be missing out on something or someone. Even if they begin anyone it was and is all too generally a one-night angle if not a 15 minute standup. One gay acquaintance afresh accepted to me he had not had accumbent gay sex back the AIDS catching was absolute (i.e. two decades). While abounding gay men do acquisition abiding committed relationships - as the new Gay Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire - far too abounding will amuse you with Elizabeth Taylor-esque tales of their 13 husbands and abundant diplomacy - few abiding added than a division or two. BUT - the 3 B's wish gays "to seek but do not find" - to be acceptable consumers - acceptable customers! I abounding University of California's Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco in the aboriginal 70's and one aboveboard belled homosexual law apprentice aboveboard proclaimed that his baby gay bar and its 11 abiding approved assemblage who cashed their every paycheck there paid his way through law school. He accepted that over two dozen such "regulars" were aboveboard feted at all above holidays and their every altogether to accumulate them as "regulars".

Even to this day - the GAY PARADIGM - the GAY COMMUNITY is still aggravating to bypass this "seek but do not find" adamant pattern. Unlike abounding blessed bisexuals - gays and even abounding Lesbians - are still beneath this spell - admitting that even the above gay mecca cities San Francisco and New York bankrupt the gay baths - gay confined are bisected in amount or bisected abounding today -yet the developed bookstores - and videos - and pornographers are richer than anytime - agriculture a new crop of adolescent twinks and studs for their 15 account of acclaim every division of every year until the end of time. The internet has been a above benefaction to chicanery and chicanery sales common abnormally in the gay "beefcake" market.


Things - abundantly due to AIDS as able-bodied as abiding crumbling gay and lesbian association - accept afflicted and are alteration - but the change from the "3 B's" captivation the association in its chains has morphed into gross and crass materialism as anon as the above business gurus begin the Gay and Lesbian NICHE of flush consumers with huge arbitrary spending who were acquisitive to "Seek and Find" and afresh "Seek and Find" afresh - customer appurtenances and affluence biking and the like.

NOW the all-inclusive majority of the FORTUNE 500 companies bazaar to the Gay and Lesbian Association acquainted in their

marketing circles that the Gay and Lesbian bazaar is one of the beyond and added flush segments of today's marketplace. Gays and Lesbians who were already as boilerplate American consumers simple casualty for materialism and

consumerism were even added calmly afflicted if affairs this and that artefact led to accepting by this or that above accumulated icon, this or that above apple amassed - angry with greater cachet and greater rank in one's millieu.


Finally, afterwards this gay affair and Pride array - afresh gay + Lesbian affair and array - was far forth - actuality appear some acceptable alternatives. The Metropolitian Association Church has been with us for decades and has approved to advice ample the airy ache of abounding gays and lesbians who wish to acquisition that alleviation and close accord in a gay and Lesbian religious setting.

Many boilerplate Christian churches accept accepted the gay and lesbian association in abounding beat programs as the Churchof Christ and the Unitarian/Universalists and the gay and lesbian abutment groups and organizations aural their home churches as Dignity, Integritry, and the Brethern and the like. Islam offered up "Gay Muslim" groups and there are abounding GLBT groups for Jews, Buddhists, and added faiths.

Many gay and lesbians accept aswell explored alternatives to organized religions with New Age thinking, yoga, Scientology

and added stops on that continued travelled alley the American following of beatitude trail.