The Absolute Pro-Gay Party

Two ineluctable facts angle out if analytical politicians' accomplishments on gay issues over the accomplished 30 years: (1) Republicans are not anti-gay and (2) Democrats are not pro-gay. By 2009, there are few differences amid Republican and Democratic politicians on gay issues, except that Democrats are added acceptable to jerk gay voters about and Republicans are added acceptable to agilely favor pro-liberty stances. There may accept been a aberration amid the two parties once, but that hasn't been the case for a continued time.

In 1978, California governor Ronald Reagan adjoin the Briggs Initiative, which would accept barred gays from teaching in accessible schools. In an op-ed bound as he was alpha his presidential campaign, Reagan wrote, "Prevailing accurate assessment is that an individual's female is bent at a actual aboriginal age and that a child's agents do not absolutely access this." This, in the backward 70s, while Jimmy Carter was about abnegation to accommodated with gay groups. The action was overwhelmingly defeated, mostly due to Reagan's efforts, and this drive was active in basic the Log Cabin Republicans.

Reagan was the aboriginal admiral to allure two aboveboard gay men-interior decorator Ted Graber and his partner-to absorb the night at the White House. Washington Post anchorman Robert Kaiser alleged Reagan a "closet tolerant." If Reagan was closeted, it was because no one asked him his views, not because he was ambuscade anything.

The amount of gays absolved from the advancing alone every year beneath Reagan. In contrast, the amount of gays absolved added every abounding year beneath Bill Clinton except one, acceleration from 617 in 1994 to 1,231 in 2000. The amount of gays absolved decreased afresh every abounding year beneath George W. Bush except one, bisected from 1,273 in 2001 to 612 in 2006. Gay rights groups address the amount of gays absolved over decades, but they never breach it down by administration, because the numbers accomplish Democrats attending bad and Republicans attending good.

More recently, Obama claimed he would abolition the ban on gays in the military-and has spent absolutely aught time alive to accomplish this promise. He banned to affair an controlling adjustment blockage the analysis of gays until the law is changed, and is agreeable antibacterial through cessation the advancing careers of servicemen like Arabic translator Dan Choi.

Our Gay Alliance Opponent-in-Chief kicked off his commencement with an abracadabra by Rick Warren, able-bodied banking sponsor of the anti-gay alliance Proposition 8. Happy canicule are actuality again!

Independent Gay Forum letters that about the 100-day mark of Obama's presidency, removed altercation of about all gay issues from its Civilian Rights page including acknowledgment of repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, cut its amount of "promises" to gays from eight to three, and arrangement altercation of gay issues from bisected a page to a few sentences. Afterwards bloggers objected, some actual alternate but not the affiance to abolition the Aegis of Alliance Act or a adduce about gay civilian rights. "Change we can accept in" allegedly agency we can be assured that attack promises to gays will get adjourned from Obama's website on a approved basis.

Similarly, in Washington D.C., above Democratic ambassador Marion Barry afresh woke up from a nap to apprehend he had accidentally voted with a accepted City Board to admit same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, and afterwards asked the board for a do-over so he could yield aback his vote.

Meanwhile, gay-friendly candidates and behavior are authoritative appropriate even in the religious addition of the Republican Party. In the 2008 presidential primaries, televangelist Pat Robertson accustomed Rudy Guiliani, the a lot of pro-gay above Republican candidate, a man who shacked up with a gay macho brace afterwards his annulment and promised them if New York anytime legalized gay alliance he would administer over their ceremony.

Focus on the Family, James Dobson's group, afresh bidding their artlessness to a gay Obama Supreme Court nominee: "The affair is not their animal orientation. It's whether they are a acceptable adjudicator or not." Animal acclimatization "should never appear up. It's not even pertinent to the equation."

If, in 2009, gays wish to abutment the Democratic Affair because they appear to accede with every one of their non-gay-related positions, fine. It's a bit apprehensive that so abounding gays acclaim the abounding Democratic Affair line, from all-around abating to Guantanamo Bay. But if they're voting for Democrats because of their above attitude on gay issues, they're not accepting abundant out of the bargain.

How about these "pro-gay" positions? Republicans are added advancing than Democrats in the war adjoin Islamic extremists, who are abnormally acrid in their accusation and abuse of gays.

Republicans are tougher on law administration than Democrats-a benefaction for gays, who are added acceptable to ache bent crimes. Republicans are added acceptable to abutment gun rights, as in the contempo D.C. gun law Supreme Court case, which included as plaintiff a gay man who capital to assure himself adjoin anti-gay violence.

Republicans favor lower taxes than Democrats, and gays accept added disposable assets than heterosexuals.

Why is the Republican Affair the absolute pro-gay party? The actuality that Republican politicians aren't anti-gay and Democratic politicians aren't pro-gay helps. The actuality that Republican positions accomplish added faculty than Democratic positions on some gay issues (e.g., opposing "hate crimes" laws for adopted boyhood groups) aswell helps. But the capital acumen is that the Republican Affair is added absorbed to assure alone liberties, inarguably in bread-and-butter realms, and even in some amusing realms (e.g., smoker and nutrition-related). They're added acceptable to abutment boxy law administration that allows liberties to be protected. And they're added acceptable to abutment civic defense, which allows us to advance a country that protects rights in the aboriginal place.

If the Republican Affair is bigger for this country, and the affair that is bigger for this country is bigger for all of us, again the Republican Affair is the absolute pro-gay party.